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I was born Hammersmith, London in 1965. Shortly after our family moved to West Sussex, and I attended school in Burgess Hill. After leaving school I attended art college at West Sussex College of Art and Design which gave me a good strong foundation in a range of art mediums. I have always loved art and the journey it takes us on, and it has become a way of life.

I moved to Somerset in 1990 and found a renewed connection to the importance of landscapes and our ancient past. This was because I was surrounded by a vast array of significant sites that were to become the inspiration for my artistic focus. During my time in Somerset I worked for 6 years at Dennis Chinaworks as a studio pottery decorator, making some of the finest handmade English ceramics of our time. Whilst in this role I began to understand how ceramics have transcended from our ancient civilisations to the present day. I was inspired to collect pottery shards which formed the basis of some of my mosaic works.

My stone sculpture, picture mosaics and fine art paintings have been exhibited around Somerset and have been well received. My work has also inspired some people to ask for specific commissioned pieces, which I am always delighted to consider.