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These handcrafted works come from a reverence for nature to be enjoyed and to enhance your inside or outside space.

They are constructed from upcycled materials with found and gathered objects, crafted together to create forms that reflect light and produce a magical movement and atmosphere in your outside space.

Mosaic art is a process where small materials are used to create a larger image. The earliest mosaics were found in Mesopotamia but they are more common in the Greek and Roman periods of our history. In my view mosaics were perfected in Byzantium.

My picture mosaics are a contemporary and unique interpretation of this ancient art form. They are figurative representations of important landscape features brought to life by the careful selection and arrangement of natural materials. The natural materials have been sourced from landscape sites, so not only are they a visual representation of special places they are also part of those landscapes too.

The selected objects and pieces remain natural and uncut and are arranged in a lime mortar base, this process is much more labour intensive but has a much more organic feel.

The mosaic sections are carefully formed into a lime mortar base and the surface is then worked to bring the design vividly to life.

My picture mosaics are mounted in a handmade wooden frame and use reflected light to enhance any inside space. They bring the magical and mystical elements of the sites they originate from into our homes.

Standing stones are among the oldest monuments in our culture. These sites are important because they are a spiritual connection to our past. Over the years they have been shrouded in folklore and mystery. Today we marvel at how these strange and mystical structures were erected and we still experience a spiritual connection to them.

The stone forms I use in my sculptures are a representation of those ancient forms, being standing stones themselves, inlaid with mirror and coloured glass to reflect the mystical energy that radiates from the sacred places.

Each stone is carefully selected. Primarily, I am looking for stones with an aesthetic shape which relates to the landscape feature I aim to convey through it. Once the correct stone has been chosen I then embark on a bespoke design using coloured glass and mirrors to create ancient shapes and symbols.

My fine art paintings are oil on canvas. They are created around landscape themes, particularly, ancient woodlands and forest scenes.

Each piece is a figurative representation using exaggerated colour to enhance the mood and light in the landscape. They are carefully crafted over many hours, building up layers of paint to create a depth and intensity of colour which makes them unique.

One of the aspects I strive for in my fine art paintings is a high level of detail. I create a visual image full of intricacies that requires perception over time to appreciate.